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Whitstone County Primary School

The school is a central part of village life and serves the children of the village and beyond. We strive to provide a safe, pleasant and stimulating environment so that the time spent at Whitstone School, however long or short, will remain with them in happy memories and in moral, emotional, spiritual and intellectual growth. We believe that we can achieve the best for children by close co-operation between home and school as well as fostering partnerships with the community and other education providers.

Performance Tables (Dec 2012)

The pupils, staff and governors at Whitstone School received a delightful early Christmas present with the publication of the performance statistics by the Department for Education.

Although Whitstone is alphabetically at the bottom of the list of schools in Cornwall, academically it is at the top: this year, 100% of pupils achieved the expected levels in English and Maths; Whitstone is joint top for high achieving pupils; and, most significantly, all pupils have made two levels of progress in English and Maths.

This year’s results are very satisfying, especially as all but one of the pupils entered the school in Reception. We regard them, therefore, as ‘home-grown’, having nurtured them from their first tentative steps along the education path. As head teacher, I am fortunate that the staff and governors at Whitstone are committed to providing the highest quality of education for all its pupils. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their hard work and dedication, and to thank parents for their support and the children for their efforts. I would also like to mention those people in the community who take the time to come into school and listen to the children read, help with phonics lessons or provide another pair of willing hands for all sorts of jobs; all of them contribute to the success achieved by the school.

While the success shown in the latest results is pleasing, at Whitstone we think that the personal and social development of the children is equally as important as academic success. In these challenging times, where there is an unremitting expectation to raise standards, Whitstone’s teachers and support staff, aided and encouraged by its governors, bolstered by the efforts of the PTFA, are determined to continue to provide for its pupils a curriculum that is not only academically rigorous and effective but also broad and enriching, preparing them for what faces them in the future.