Whitstone Village Cornwall

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Local Police

Call Us: 555-555-1234

Who Do I Contact

Bude Local Policing Team

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Holsworthy Local Policing Team

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If you arrive home and find some damage or an attempt has been made to gain entry to your home, and you haven’t seen anyone. Getting the police there now will not make any difference to something that has probably happened quite a while ago. You call 101 to report it.

Calls to 101 are answered by police call handlers in the control room of the local  police force. This ensures that staff with local knowledge can answer and deal with the calls and respond appropriately.

You will not be put through to a large national call centre.


 This is the emergency number for all urgent calls whereby it is necessary to have a police officer there NOW!

Many people are worried about calling 999 for the police. In the event of fire or medical emergency the decision appears simple.  This number should be used where an officer is needed NOW.

 If you get home and find your door open and can hear noises inside then call 999. Likewise if there is an offender still at the scene of a crime, or you can see them running off, call 999. Getting the police there quickly could stop a situation getting worse and could result in an arrest.