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Defibrillator in the Parish

The Parish Council have purchased a defibrillator which is installed in the front porch of the village hall. This equipment is available at all times for use by any member of the public in an emergency. To remove the machine simply break the tag by opening the door. (very little force is needed to break the special tag)

Below is a short introduction into the benefits and how to use this life saving machine.

More information can be found at St John Ambulance or read the document by the Resuscitation Council Uk.


Red Bits

Whitstone NO parking area 

Question - Why have Cornwall highways painted red bits around the shop? Which is the correct answer ?

  • a) It is reserved parking area for Dan, the postman and deliveries?
  • b) It is a reserved parking for those people just nipping in for a paper ?
  • c) It is parking for locals only
  • d) It is a NO parking area to improve the safety of the Balsdon Road junction

The correct answer is d - that does not mean parking alongside it in the middle of the road !

This is Cornwall Council's first effort to try to reduce some of the inconsiderate and dangerous parking around the junction.

This junction was highlighted by residents as the most dangerous traffic blackspot in the Parish plan questionnaire. The current behaviour of those people parking in the area have worsened the problem and made the junction more dangerous.

Can everyone please NOT park on the red shaded areas adjacent to the shop to improve the safety for all residents of our community.

Whitstone Parish Council



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The parish Council meet on the second Wednesday of the month in St Anne's Village Hall at 7.30pm.

The agenda is displayed ahead of the meeting on the parish notice board opposite the shop and the on-line notice board on the village website.

Mail for the the parish clerk can be sent to the following postal address:

Beth Sachs, The Parish Office, Week St Mary, Holsworthy EX22 6UL



Planning applications, public footpaths, drainage, highways.  See what the parish council covers in depth. (From the Defra documents archive)