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My Abseiling Adventure ...

The big interview by Pat Nasmyth September 2011

Tish abseiling at Northcott Mouth

It had started to rain but this did not affect the band of supporters as Tish Lake completed her abseil down the cliffs at Northcott Mouth. Her smile of joy could have lit the whole of Bude!

Tish had always wanted to "do something", she had just done" that".

As a child and young lady illness had prevented Tish from participating in many of the joys and escapades of her peers.

Despite the many problems of mobility she worked as a Nanny to a family with twin boys and a small girl, from there as a General Factotum in a factory manufacturing slippers, where she made many friends Coping heroically with operations and long stays in hospital did not affect Tish's love of life and her magnetic personality, she has many talents , one of which is painting delicate flowers on small items of pottery. Tish Lake abseiling at Northcott Mouth

She enjoys "Exercising for Mobility" sessions at the Parkhouse Centre and the joys of the wonderful countryside that surrounds us. Her greatest joy, however, is the large happy family she shares with her husband John.


I would like to thank everyone for the support after my recent abseil and I am pleased to let you know that together we have raised £924. This is to be shared between Exercise for Mobility and Cornwall Air Ambulance. Thank you so much, and to my friends and neighbours big hugs.


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