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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, How do I put an event on the Calendar.
  2. Question 2, How do I contact the Parish Council.
  3. Question 3, How do I submit an article.
  4. Question 4, Can our group have a page on the village site.

Answer 1:

You may add your own event by opening the Calendar (click on it) and use the 'add an event' button at the bottom of the page. The information you enter in the Title Box is what is displayed on the Calendar.  In the description box you can add as much content as you wish to help advertise your event. If you enter wrong information, don't worry as this is easily rectified, just let me know.  When an event is opened (click on the Calendar event) the content you added is displayed and able to be downloaded to an Outlook, Google or Yahoo Calendar.

Answer 2:

All Councillor's contact details can be found here. If you have something you would like brought up in a Parish Council Meeting, contact the clerk who will add it to the agenda

Answer 3:

You can submit an article by emailing or by post to Irene Sutton, 47 Pradise Park, Whitstone EX22 6TQ

Answer 4:

Of course, it's your website. Send me the information you would like on your page or give me a call.