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The children of today do not know how lucky they are having 100 small pence to the £1 making additions and subtractions so easy. In my day we had most peculiar currency for there were 240 very large copper pennies to the £1 or 480 half pennies, and even 960 farthings to the £1. Twelve old pennies made up one silver shilling, two old sixpenny pieces or 4 three penny pieces made up one silver shilling, there were 20 shillings to the £1, and we even had a two shilling piece known as a florin, and two shillings and six pence known as half crowns, a full crown being a fi ve shilling piece.10 Shilling Note or ten bob note We also had paper notes of 10/- (ten shillings) and £1 notes.

So imagine having to add up the following:-

£ s d
20 19 11
25 11 06
£46 11 05

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