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Wind turbine bladesAlthough everybody wants to have green energy and we do not want to leave our children’s children, a planet that is so polluted that their quality of life would be almost non-existent, do we really want our countryside polluted with the monstrosities that are going up everywhere.

Although I am all for saving the planet, I am not in favour of saving it so that the greedy of this land get richer. The fields that we see taken over by the monstrous solar panels and wind turbines, which do not and will not make a scrap of difference to our fuel bills but will make the sellers and the people that own the land they are put on, richer. When these awful things rust away or deteriorate over the next 25 years and we are left with the clean-up bill for getting rid of them, the astute of us will not be laughing but we will be able to say, ‘We told you that they would not do what you thought they would do’. The wind turbines and solar panels that are going up in our fields are NOT going to bring any benefit to our land other than to the profiteers of these contraptions. It has been proven without doubt that the best way of providing energy is safe nuclear power using thorium, but so many ‘do gooders’ have put the fear of God into most people about uranium based nuclear power that they are unaware that safe nuclear power is available, but then the Government and politicians would not be able to make nuclear weapons and therefore they are not interested in promoting the safer option. It makes me so cross that it does not matter how many meetings I go to, to voice my objection to these eyesores being put into our fields, they still get planning permission and the likes of myself are forced to PAY for this, and can do nothing to stop it. No local villagers will benefit from these contraptions and if it was not for us subsidising these so called utilities they would not exist, the whole concept of ‘Green Energy’ is a complete gigantic ‘RIP-OFF’ of the ordinary British subject.

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