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Is there an apple in the house ...

by Brian Martyn

Apples The weather in 2010 was really good for growing fruit, apples and pears in particular. Branches were laden down and touching the ground so I thought Smile Youth Club would like a tasting session. I provided Russet, Laxton, Pippin, Jazz, Yellow Bramley (for a laugh) and Cox. The children’s choice was the Cox followed by Russett, the same as myself.

What I forgot to tell them was there are over four thousand different varieties to choose from and we use so few. There are over four thousand varieties of pear as well, perhaps the School could visit Morwellham next year as they have over 200 to show. Some of these varieties keep exceptionally well, I still have two apples left from apple bobbing at Carnival Week, they don’t taste great so they are not being eaten, a thick skin as well. Perhaps the title should be ‘Is There a Doctor in the House’!

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