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What a coincidence!. . . William and Kate chose the same day to get married as we had our Parish Plan Launch event! This happy conjunction enabled us to have a double celebration at St. Anne’s Parish Hall last Friday organised by the Parish Council and supported by the Whitstone Cancer Research UK committee who provided a magnificent spread of food and ran the kitchen. The weather was reasonably kind to us, Royal wedding high tea at the village hallwhich enabled a long table to be set up outside and for the children to run around and burn off a bit of energy.

As well as celebrating the royal wedding, the Parish Plan was officially launched with progress displayed in posters around the walls of the hall, several of them with space for anyone to express their interest in the proposals by putting their name to them. I’m sure these ‘volunteers’ will be followed up soon by the Parish Plan Committee to see if we can get some of the projects started.

The high tea was followed by a gift of royal wedding commemorative mugs to the children in the parish of primary school age and below, which were presented by Mr Tom Collins.

The grand finale was a Walking Village Treasure Hunt around the footpaths of Whitstone with questions to answer and clues to find. The ‘largest dock leaf’ was hotly disputed but very ably adjudicated with extreme accuracy down to the precise millimetre, by Richard Horn, whose decision was final! And the winner is. . . Phyllis Walter, well done.

The event was very well attended and a good time had by all. I think we gave Kate and Wills a good send-off and of course wish them good luck for their future together.

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