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Most Improved Student for the Second Time...

From an early age it was pretty obvious that 20 year old Adam Woodward was going to be involved in cars. At the age of 2 he went to his first road rally where his dad and Uncle were competing and you would see him at every event from then on whether it be hill climbing or rallying. He has spent many years working on his father’s Escort Rally Car and his Uncles single seater racing car so when he decided to enrole through Holsworthy Community College to do a ABC course in Motor Vehicles it came as no surprise to us as a family. He with the help of the Skill Centre in Holsworthy attended their day release course. Whilst there he applied to Petroc college (North Devon College) Barnstaple to carry on with this and was accepted to do an IMIAL level 1 in vehicle Maintenance and Repair. Having completed this course he then went on to do the IMIAL Level 2. After this he was all prepared to leave and find a job, unfortunately due to the financial climate not many garages were taking on, so once he had finished college he found himself at a loss as to what to do until one day in the post a letter arrived asking him to return to college as one of the chosen few to do a 3rd year and get a Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, having nothing else in the pipe line he decided to take them up on the offer as it was only a select few that had been asked to return. It was whilst he was doing this course that he was awarded his first award for Most improved Student for 2010/2011 to which we were all honoured and invited to attend the presentation evening.

During this 3rd year he had several assignments to do and keep on top of, but there was another incentive in that he had the opportunity along with 50 other students to apply to go on their Work Experience scheme which as you would have thought would have been in a local garage but no this was a once in a life time opportunity to go to Barcelona on a 2 week work experience scheme to work in garages in Spain. He applied through the college and was lucky enough to be one of the 13 chosen to go, great excitement as Adam had never been abroad before, but there was one condition and that was they all had to continue turning up to college and had to keep up to date with all their assignments or the place would be taken away and given to someone else, this is not something Adam was going to lose so he kept his nose clean and worked hard. He carried on and went to Barcelona and had a wonderful time. He finished his course in June last year but again was in the same position with no garages taking on but he has found work and is enjoying it. So to finish off his college years it was lovely at the beginning of this year for him to receive a letter from the college asking him to attend the presentation evening last Wednesday night (20th March) to be awarded a medal for the most improved student for 2011/2012. To be awarded 1 was an honour but to get 2 was an achievement I felt should be acknowledge and in the words of the tutors who presented the awards those receiving them are the top of their class and they have got there through hard work, dedication and determination and they deserve to be acknowledged for this.

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