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Parish of Whitstone which lies to the East of the Parish road leading from Bevils Hill to Dolsdon including part Bevils Hill, Langaton, Langaton Mill, Thorns, East Balsdon, West Balsdon, Balsdon Moor, West Moor, North Moor, part Boot and Shoe, Street, Dilland, Pentecost, Elton Cottages.

Sch No Road, Street, No. or Name of House Surname Forenames Relation to
Head of Family
Mrd     Sng Age Occupation Where Born
1 Bevills Hill Pooley Henry Head M 25 Manager on Farm Whitstone, C
  Pooley Alice Wife M 21   Croydon, Surrey
2 Langaton Chidley Richard Head M 50 Farmer, Employer Black Torrington, D
  Chidley Ann Wife M 51   St Genny's C
  Chidley Silas Llewellyn Son S 21 Farmer's Son, Worker Pancrasweek, D
  Chidley Francis Sam Son S 17 Farmer's Son, Worker Kilkhampton, C
  Chidley Jessie A Dau S 14   Kilkhampton, C
  Chidley Ada J Dau S 12   Kilkhampton, C
  Chidley Bertie C Son S 9   Kilkhampton, C
Langaton Mill              
3 1 Tankins Colwill William Head M 60 Labourer on Estate, Worker Marhamchurch, C
  Colwill Elizabeth A Wife M 57   Whitstone, C
  Colwill Emma J Grndau S 11   Whitstone, C
4 2 Tankins Gilbert John J Head W 67 Labourer on Roads, Worker North Tamerton, C
  Gilbert Grace Dau S 31   Whitstone, C
  Gilbert Jane Dau S 29 Charwoman, Worker Whitstone, C
  Gilbert Frank Son S 17 Carpenter's Apprentice, Worker Whitstone, C
  Gilbert Mary E Grndau S 11   Whitstone, C
5 3 Tankins Cobbledick John H Head M 37 Platelayer on Railway, Worker Stratton, C
  Cobbledick Mary   Wife M 38   Whitstone, C
  Cobbledick Jane Dau S 11   Whitstone, C
  Cobbledick William J Son S 8   Whitstone, C
  Cobbledick Albert G Son S 6   Whitstone, C
  Cobbledick Sydney Son S 2   Whitstone, C
  Cobbledick Alice Dau S 10m   Whitstone, C
6 Higher thorne Hutchings Thomas Head S 41 Farmer (Joint) Employer Week St Mary, C
  Hutchings Thomasine V Sister S 37   Week St Mary, C
  Sott John Bro in Law M 49 Farmer (Joint) Employer Pancrasweek, D
  Sott Mary P Sister M 47   Week St Mary, C
  Sott Ethel T Niece S 11   Whitstone, C
  Warren William Servant S 21 Labourer on Farm, Worker Poundstock, C
  Cobbledick Ernest Servant S 13 Labourer on Farm, Worker Whitstone, C
7 Lower Thorne Cottage Kerslake William Head M 35 Traction Engine Driver, Worker Lifton, C
  Kerslake Susanna Wife M 32   North Petherwin, D
  Kerslake Edith Dau S 12   North Petherwin, D
  Kerslake Mary Dau S 9   Bridgerule, D
  Kerslake Olive Dau S 7   Bridgerule, D
  Kerslake Ernest Son S 3   Pyworthy, D
8 Lower Thorne   Chidley William S Head M 42 Farmer, Employer Pancrasweek, D
  Chidley Mary S Wife M 39   Launcells, C
  Chidley Eva A Dau S 18   North Tamerton, C
  Chidley Mary E Dau S 16   North Tamerton, C
  Chidley Frederick W Son S 14 Farmer's Son, Worker North Tamerton, C
  Chidley Francis J Son S 12   North Tamerton, C
  Chidley Ada M Dau S 11   Pyworthy, D
  Chidley Sidney Son S 9   Pyworthy, D
  Chidley Horace A Son S 6   Pyworthy, D
  Chidley Caleb B Son S 2   Whitstone, C
  Chidley Silas L  Son S 6m   Whitstone, C
  Vanstone Corie Servant S 19 Agricultual Labourer, Worker Kilkhampton, C
Higher Thorne Cottage            
9 1 Sketchley Routley William Head M 62 Labourer on Roads, Worker North Tamerton, C
  Routley Mary J Wife M 62   Bridgerule, D
10 2 Sketchley Parsons James Head M 36 Blacksmith & Farmer, Employer Instow, D
  Parsons Mary Wife M 37   Whitstone, C
  Parsons William R Son S 9   Whitstone, C
  Parsons Caroline C Dau S 7   Whitstone, C
11 1 Colmborough Veale Thomas B Head M 36 Joiner, Worker Whitstone, C
  Veale Sarah A Wife M 39   Instow, D
12 2 Colmborough Baskerville Mary S Head W 60 Seamstress at Home, Own Account Week St Mary, C
13 1 Elton cottages Vennor Thomas Head M 42 Stonemason, Worker Lezant, C
  Vennor Caroline   Wife M 39   Whitstone, C
  Vennor Alfred Son S 20 Carpenter's Apprentice, Worker Whitstone, C
  Vennor William Son S 10   Whitstone, C
  Vennor Annie C Dau S 9   Whitstone, C
  Vennor Francis Son S 6   Whitstone, C
  Vennor Ellen Dau S 4   Whitstone, C
14 2 Elton Cottages Pooley Daniel Head M 43 Coachman (not domestic) Whitstone, C
  Pooley Edith A Wife M 43   Poughill, C
  Pooley Beatrice E Dau S 18   Whitstone, C
  Pooley Samuel T Son S 13   Whitstone, C
  Pooley Edith M Dau S 7   Whitstone, C
  Pooley Francis C Son S 1m   Whitstone, C
15 3 Elton Cottages Stanbury Samuel   Head S 30 Farmer, Own Account Whitstone, C
  Stanbury Emily I Aunt S 40 Housekeeper (Domestic) Clawton, D
16 4 Elton Cottages Bartlett Francis K Head M 23 Police Constable Veryan, C
  Bartlett Mary Wife M 26   St Columb, C
  Bartlett William F Son S 4m   Whitstone, C
17 Cross Parks House Boot Hambly William Head M 36 Grocer and Draper at Home, Employer Bridgerule, D
  Hambly Mary Wife M 40   Bridgerule, D
  Hambly Clementine E Dau S 15   Bridgerule, D
  Hambly Wilfred W Son S 12   Bridgerule, D
  Hambly Francis H Son S 10   Bridgerule, D
  Hambly Reginald T Son S 7   Bridgerule, D
  Hambly Frederick I Son S 5   Whitstone, C
  Hambly Dorothy M Dau S 2m   Whitstone, C
  Goodman Herbert N Servant S 22 Grocer's Assistant, Worker Whitstone, C
  Pethick William J Servant S 15 Grocer's Apprentice, Worker Whitstone, C
  Symons Elizabeth J Servant S 20 Domestic Servant Whitstone, C
  Symons Edith C Servant S 16 Domestic Servant Whitstone, C
18 Boot Goodman Thomas Head M 41 House Painter, Worker Whitstone, C
  Goodman Ann Wife M 35   Whitstone, C
  Goodman Norman  Son S 10   Whitstone, C
  Goodman William Son S 4   Whitstone, C
19 Paradise Cottage Lawrence Thomas Head M 47 Farmer & General labourer North Petherwin, D
  Lawrence Ann Wife M 53   North Tamerton, C
  Lawrence John T Son S 13   Whitstone, C
20 Balsdon Moor Cottage Pridham John Head M 55 Agricultual Labourer, Worker Pyworthy, D
  Pridham Mary Wife M 50   Whitstone, C
  Pridham Ellen Dau S 18 Housemaid, Domestic Whitstone, C
  Pridham Mabel Dau S 12   Whitstone, C
21 East Balsdon Yeo Thomas O Son S 30 Farmer's Son, Worker Poughill, C
  Yeo Laura Dau S 28   Poughill, C
  Yeo Emily H Dau S 20   Marhamchurch, C
  Yeo Matthew H Son S 15 Farmer's Son, Worker Whitstone, C
  Yeo John Grnson S 11m   Whitstone, C
  Palmer Frederick Servant S 17 Waggoner on Farm, Worker Launcells, C
22 West Balsdon Coles Nathaniel Head M 33 Farmer & Registrar of BMD, Employer Whitstone, C
  Coles Margaretta Wife M 36   Slambadarm?, Cardigan
  Coles Mary M Dau S 6   Whitstone, C
  Coles Ada B Dau S 5   Whitstone, C
  Coles Esther M Dau S 5   Whitstone, C
  Coles Bessie W Dau S 4   Whitstone, C
  Coles David M Son S 2   Whitstone, C
  Coles Edwin G Son S 5m   Whitstone, C
  Andrew Matthew H Servant S 22 Cattleman on Farm, Worker Pyworthy, D
23 West Balsdon Cottage Parnell William J Head M 36 Waggoner on Farm, Worker Bridgerule, D
  Parnell Mary A Wife M 29   Whitstone, C
  Parnell Lilian M Dau S 7   Whitstone, C
  Parnell Mary E Dau S 6   Bridgerule, D
  Parnell James Son S 2   Whitstone, C
24 West Balsdon Cottage Elliott Margaret A Head W 43 Setter, Carrier Whitstone, C
  Elliott Elizabeth Dau S 21 Setter, Carrier Whitstone, C
25 West Balsdon Cottage Vinnicombe John Head M 52 Mason & Farmer, Worker Bridgerule, D
  Vinnicombe Elizabeth Wife M 47   Marhamchurch, C
  Vinnicombe Herbert N Son S 16 Blacksmith's Apprentice, Worker Whitstone, C
  Vinnicombe Emily Dau S 15   Whitstone, C
  Vinnicombe Florence Dau S 7   Whitstone, C
26 Pentecost Skinner George Head M 60 Farmer, Employer Tetcott, D
  Skinner Rebecca Wife M 58   North Tamerton, C
  Skinner Francis Son S 25 Groom, Not Domestic Whitstone, C
  Skinner Albert   Son S 18 Farmer's Son, Worker Whitstone, C
27 North Moor Martin Samuel Head M 50 Farmer, Employer Pyworthy, D
  Martin Eliza Wife M 45   Pyworthy, D
  Martin Mary E P  Dau S 14   Pyworthy, D
  Carwithen Mary M in Law W 77   Marhamchurch, C
  Bright Edith Visitor S 14   Pyworthy, D
  Andrews Charles Servant S 17 Waggoner on Farm, Worker Pyworthy, D
  Smith Henry Servant S 16 Agricultual Labourer, Worker St Albans, Hertfordshire
28 Moor cottage Horrell Edmund Head M 71 Labourer on Roads, Worker Week St Mary, C
  Horrell Ann Wife M 61   Whitstone, C
  Horrell Annie   Dau S 20 Dressmaker at Home, Own Account Whitstone, C
29 West Moor Piper William Head M 40 Agricultual Labourer, Worker Whitstone, C
  Piper Elizabeth Wife M 35   Holsworthy, D
  Piper Frank Son S 9   Whitstone, C
  Piper William A Son S 7   Whitstone, C
  Piper Hilda M Dau S 5   Whitstone, C
  Piper George Son S 3   Whitstone, C
  Piper Emily E Dau S 1   Whitstone, C
30 1 Street Smale Thomas Head M 54 Agricultual Labourer, Worker Week St Mary, C
  Smale Ann Wife M 63   Week St Mary, C
  Smale Charles Father W 80 Agricultual Labourer Week St Mary, C
  Smale Thomas Son S 24 Agricultural Labourer, Worker Week St Mary, C
31 2 Street Parkins William F Head M 56 Labourer on Estate, Worker North Tamerton, C
  Parkins Loveday M Wife M 53   Poughill, C
32 3 Street Hicks Edward Head M 26 Railway Packer, Worker St Cleer, C
  Hicks Annie Wife M 23   Altarnun, C
  Hicks Gladys Dau S 2   Marhamchurch, C
33 4 Street Banbury Mary Head S 70 Living on own Means Broadwoodwidger, D
  Banbury Elizabeth Sister S 68 Living on own Means Broadwoodwidger, D
34 South Moor Cottage Phillips Henry Head M 46 Agricultural Labourer, Worker Boyton, C
  Phillips Fanny Wife M 33   Clawton, D
  Phillips Kathleen Dau S 9   Whitstone, C
  Phillips William J Son S 7   Whitstone, C
  Phillips Maria Dau S 2   Whitstone, C
35 Dilland Badcock Jane Head W 77 Farmer, Employer Clawton, D
  Parsons Mary Dau M 39   Whitstone, C
  Parsons Joseph Son in Law M 40 Agricultural Labourer, Worker Whitstone, C
  Parsons Nettie B Grndau S 16   Whitstone, C
  Parsons Ralph Grnson S 13   Whitstone, C
  Parsons Richard H Grnson S 1   North Petherwin, D

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