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All that part of the Parish of Whitstone, which lies to the West of the Parish road leading from Bevils Hill to Dolsdon including Bevils Hill (part of) Burrow, Part Tankins, Bennetts, Oak, Whitstone Head, Whitstone Barton, Parsonage, part Boot and Shoe, Bradford, Nethercotts, Foxhole, Higher Wadfast, Lower Wadfast, Trowsah, Luckhams, Forkstone, Hanovers Hill, Downrows, Downrow Cottage, Heywood, Dipper, Hill Cottages, Head Quarters, Milton, Gratten Cottages.

Sch No Road, Street, No. or Name of House Surname Forenames Relation to Head of Family Mrd     Sng
Age Occupation Where Born
1 2 Hill Cottages Gilbert John Head W 55 Wheelwright Whitstone, C
  Noye Ephraim Son in Law M 33 Elementary Schoolmaster Pendeen, C
  Noye Hannah Jane Dau M 26   Whitstone, C
  Noye Eliza Grndau   7   Whitstone, C
  Noye Jane Grndau   4   Whitstone, C
  Noye Walter Grnson   3   Whitstone, C
2 1 Hill Cottages Cowling Ellen Head W 44   Bridgerule, D
  Cowling Thomas Son    S 21 Wheelwright Whitstone, C
  Cowling Lewis Son S 19 Wheelwright Whitstone, C
  Hayman Betsy A Sister S 49 Living on her own means Bridgerule, D
  Hayman Fanny Cousin S 25 Living on her own means Stratton, C
  Hilton Jonathan Boarder M 59 Bricklayer Chadderton, Lancashire
  Scholes John Boarder M 47 Carpenter Bury, Lancashire
3 Pendragon Kingdon Emma Head F 62 Living on her own means Boyton, C, D
  Martin Mary J Servant F 19 General Domestic Servant Virginstow, D
4 Whitstone Head Cottage Harris William Head M 58 Gardener Domestic Servant Thornbury, D
  Harris Mary   Wife F 48   Instow, D
  Harris Frank Son M 18 Gardeners Assistant Instow, D
  Harris Charles J Son M 14   Parkham, D
  Harris Henry A Son M 11 Scholar Parkham, D
  Harris William Son M 7 Scholar Whitstone, C
5 Whitstone Head   Mucklow Edward Head M 69 JP, CC, Living on own means York, North Riding
  Mucklow Mary B Wife F 50   Manchester, Lancashire
  Homan Gertrude Niece F 31 Music & Painting Artist Sydenham, London
  Levine Victoria Visitor F 40 Painting Artist, Living on her own means Germany, Overseas Brit. Subj.
  Hooper Elizabeth Servant S 28 Parlourmaid Week St Mary, C
  Ham Bessie Servant S 26 Cook Kilkhampton, C
  Neal Lucy Servant S 20 Housemaid Herdwick, D
6 Trowsah Griffin John B Head M 48 Gamekeeper Truro, C
  Griffin Charlotte E Wife M 47   Ruan, C
  Griffin Annie Dau S 16   Grampound, C
    Griffin Selina Dau S 14   Grampound, C
    Griffin James H Son   11 Scholar Illogan, C
    Griffin Edwin B Son   9 Scholar St Gennys, C
7 Bennetts Coles Nathaniel Head M 57 Farmer Week St Mary, C
    Coles Mary J Wife M 55   Marhamchurch, C
    Coles Edwin   Son S 19 Farmers Assistant Whitstone, C
    Coles Edward Brother S 55 Living on his own means Week St Mary, C
    Coles John Servant S 23 Farm Servant Whitstone, C
    Rowley William Servant S 28 Farm Servant Tamerton, C
    Philips Carolina Servant S 21 General Domestic Servant Boyton, C
8 Bennetts Shearme Thomas Head W 66 Civil Engineer Boyton, C
    Shearme Janet B Dau S 30   Launceston, C
    Shearme Elizabeth Dau S 26   Launceston, C
    Rowley Mary A Servant S 20 Domestic Servant Whitstone, C
9 Burrow Goodman Thomas Head M 64 Farmer Whitstone, C
    Goodman Eliza Wife M 64   Illogan, C
    Goodman Thomas Son M 30 Farmers Assistant Whitstone, C
    Goodman Annie Dau S 26   Poundstock, C
    Goodman Ellen Dau S 20   Poundstock, C
    Goodman Ann  Dau in Law M 23   Whitstone, C
    Goodman James H Grnson S 19 Teamster Poundstock, C
    Batten Mabel Grndau   19   Whitstone, C
    Goodman Norman Grnson   3m   Whitstone, C
10 Bevils Hill Avery Thomas Head M 36 Farm Bailiff Ashwater, D
    Avery Jane Wife M 33   Thornbury, D
    Avery Elizabeth Dau   11 Scholar Kilkhampton, C
    Avery Amelia A Dau   9 Scholar Kilkhampton, C
    Avery Tryphosa Dau   6 Scholar Whitstone, C
    Avery Beatrice Dau   5 Scholar Whitstone, C
11   Heard Mary M Head S 41 Living on her own means North Tamerton, C
12 Milton Jenkins John T Head M 62 Farmer Tregeare, C
    Jenkins Martha Wife M 52   Tremain, C
    Jenkins Jethro J Son S 22 Farmers Son Tregeare, C
    Jenkins Blanch S Dau   14   Tregeare, C
    Burden Tamzin Mthr in Law W 71   Tremain, C
    Pethick Noah Boarder S 30 Farm Labourer Egloskerry, C
13 Hanovers Mill Badcock John g Head M 34 Miller Huntshaw, D
    Badcock Nora Wife M 36   Kilkhampton, C
    Rogers Emma J Dau in Law   7   Bridgerule, D
    Badcock Blanch G Dau   2   Whitstone, C
14 Downrow Cottage Cobbledick Elizabeth Head W 49 Charwoman Chilsworthy, D
    Cobbledick Caroline Dau S 16   Whitstone, C
    Cobbledick Henry   Son   14   Whitstone, C
    Cobbledick Bessie J Dau   6   Whitstone, C
    Cobbledick William T Son   5   Whitstone, C
15 Downrow   Daniel Henry J Head M 35 Farmer Clawton, D
    Daniel Jane Wife M 30   Warbstow
    Daniel George Son   3   Whitstone, C
    Daniel Henry Son   1   Whitstone, C
    Cobbledick Emily A Servant S 20 General Domestic Servant Whitstone, C
    Dinner William Servant S 19 Agricultural Labourer Boyton, C
    Parsons William A Servant   14 Agricultural Labourer Whitstone, C
16 Little Downrow Pooley William T Head M 27 Agricultural Labourer Bridgerule, D
    Pooley Elizabeth A Wife M 30   Whitstone, C
    Pooley William J Son   6   Whitstone, C
    Pooley Charles   Son   5   Whitstone, C
    Pooley Ethel Dau   2   Whitstone, C
17 Forkstone Webb Richard Head S 45 Farmer Whitstone, C
    Webb Elizabeth Mother W 81 Living on her own means Pyworthy, D
    Webb Elizabeth Sister S 55   Whitstone, C
18 Forkstone Colwill Tabitha Head W 65 Farmer Hartland, D
    Colwill John Son S 33 Farmers Son Hartland, D
    Colwill William R Son S 25 Farmers Son Hartland, D
19   Littlejohn Joshua Head M 39 Engine driver of stationery engine Hartland, D
    Littlejohn Tabitha A Wife M 35   Hartland, D
    Littlejohn Emma G Dau S 16   Whitstone, C
    Littlejohn Ernest A Son   8 Scholar Whitstone, C
  Forskstone Uninhabited            
20 Luckhams Martin Daniel Head S 36 Farmer Whitstone, C
    Martin John U Brother S 29 Farmers brother Whitstone, C
    Martin Ellen Sister S 34   Whitstone, C
    Reed Philip H Servant S 16 Agricultural Labourer Week St Mary, C
    Cornish Mary E Servant   18 General Domestic Servant Whitstone, C
21 Little Luckhams Stacey John Head M 53 Agricultural Labourer Poundstock, C
    Stacey Ann Wife M 50   Milton Demerell, D
22 Little Luckhams Reed Thomas Head M 66 Agricultural Labourer Boyton, C
    Reed Grace Wife M 55 Nurse Marhamchurch, C
    Reed Jane Grndau   12 Scholar Boyton, C
23 Heywood Elliot John H Head M 33 Agricultural Labourer Whitstone, C
    Elliot Mary J Wife M 30   Bridgerule, D
    Elliot Eliza A Dau   10 Scholar Whitstone, C
    Elliot William Son   9 Scholar Whitstone, C
    Elliot John H Son   7 Scholar Whitstone, C
    Elliot Frank Son   5 Scholar Whitstone, C
    Elliot Archibald Son   3 Scholar Whitstone, C
24 Hockings Park Bassett John Head M 55 Farmer Bridgerule, D
    Bassett Maria Wife M 61   Tamerton, C
25 Shop Broad William Head M 31 Joiner St Teath, C
    Broad Elizabeth Wife M 34   Lanteglos, C
    Broad William Son   9 Scholar Lanteglos, C
    Broad Elizabeth Dau   7 Scholar Lanteglos, C
    Broad Ada Dau   6 Scholar Lanteglos, C
    Broad Elsie T J  Dau   5 Scholar Lanteglos, C
    Broad Thomas R Son   4   Lanteglos, C
    Broad Hilda Dau   4m   Whitstone, C
26 Shop Routley William Head M 52 Farm Labourer Tamerton, C
    Routley Mary Wife M 52   Bridgerule, D
    Routley John Son S 26 Farm Labourer Tamerton, C
    Routley Daniel Son   13 Scholar Whitstone, C
27 Rectory Kingdon Robert H Head M 60 Rector of Whitstone Whitstone, C
    Kingdon Mary J Wife M 57   Bideford, D
    Hearn Elizabeth Servant S 17 Housemaid Stratton, C
    Baker Ada Servant S 15 Cook Week St Mary, C
28 Boot and Shoe Pooley Daniel Head M 32 Groom Whitstone, C
    Pooley Edith A Wife M 32   Poughill, C
    Pooley William Son   9 Scholar Whitstone, C
    Pooley Beatrice E Dau   8 Scholar Whitstone, C
    Pooley Samuel T Son   3   Whitstone, C
29 Pentecost Penwarden Azarius Head M 68 Draper & Grocer North Tamerton, C
    Penwarden Matilda Wife M 69   Morwenstow, C
    Penwarden Thomas Son S 32 Tinplate Worker North Tamerton, C
    Penwarden Mary C Dau S 30 Elementary Teacher North Tamerton, C
    Penwarden Matilda C Dau S 26 Grocers Assistant Whitstone, C
    Shearme Caroline Boarder S 50 Living on her own means North Tamerton, C
30 Head Quarters Parsons Richard Head M 54 Shoemaker & Cattle Dealer Tremayne, C
    Parsons Ann Wife M 52   Week St Mary, C
    Parsons Daniel Son S 27 Shoemaker   Whitstone, C
    Parsons Annie Dau S 24   Whitstone, C
    Parsons Susan Dau S 22   Whitstone, C
    Parsons Richard Son S 18 Shoemaker Whitstone, C
    Parsons Edward Son S 15 Farmers Assistant Whitstone, C
    Parsons Charles Son S 12 Scholar Whitstone, C
31 Nethercott Ham Henry Head M 30 Farmer Kilkhampton, C
    Ham Hester A Wife M 28   Poundstock, C
    Ham Harry M Son   6m   Whitstone, C
    Box Susan Mthr in Law W 66   Poundstock, C
    Box Mary C Sister in Law S 25 Dressmaker Poundstock, C
32   Ham Thomas Head M 36 Carpenter Kilkhampton, C
    Ham Sarah A Wife M 34   Butterleigh, D
    Ham Thomas C G  Son   8 Scholar Bristol, Gloucestershire
33 Nethercott Neal Thomas Head M 58 Farmer St Giles in the Heath, D
    Neal Jane Wife M 56   St Giles in the Heath, D
    Neal William T Son S 24 Farmers Son St Giles in the Heath, D
    Neal Eliza F Dau S 21   Holsworthy, D
    Neal Lottie Dau S 16   Holsworthy, D
    Neal Beatrice M Dau S 12 Scholar Holsworthy, D
  Nethercott Cottage Uninhabited            
34 Dipper Jones Nathaniel Head M 34 Farmer Whitstone, C
    Jones Evaline Wife M 31   Withiel, C
    Jones Beatrice Dau   9   Roche, C
    Jones Gertrude Dau   7   Whitstone, C
    Jones Cecil Son   5   Whitstone, C
    Jones Albert Son   4   Whitstone, C
    Jones Reginald Son   2   Whitstone, C
    Jones Alfred K Son   8m   Whitstone, C
    Hobbs John Servant S 30 Farm Servant Tamerton, C
    Rowe Edward Servant S 73 Farm Servant South Petherwin, C
35 Foxhole Colwill Samuel H Head M 60 Farmer Whitstone, C
    Colwill Elizabeth G Wife M 56   Jacobstow, C
    Colwill Thomas Son S 23 Farmers Son Whitstone, C
    Colwill Samuel Son S 21 Farmers Son Whitstone, C
    Colwill Elizabeth A Dau S 20   Whitstone, C
    Colwill Mary A Dau S 16   Whitstone, C
36 Foxhole Symons William A Head M 38 Farm Labourer North Tamerton, C
    Symons Louisa Wife M 40   Whitstone, C
    Symons Elizabeth  Dau   10 Scholar Whitstone, C
    Symons John H Son   8 Scholar Whitstone, C
    Symons Edith L Dau   6 Scholar Whitstone, C
    Symons Alice M Dau   9m   Whitstone, C
37   Hatherley John G Head W   Farmer Whitstone, C
    Hatherley Elizabeth jane Grndau S 22   Whitstone, C
    Phillips Eliza H Visitor S 25   North Tamerton, C
38 Bradford Pooley William Head M 59 Agricultural Labourer Bridgerule, D
    Pooley Betsy A Wife M 52   Pancrasweek, D
    Pooley Emma Dau S 20 Dressmakers Apprentice Bridgerule, D
39 Bradford Pethick John Head M 34 Agricultural Labourer Whitstone, C
    Pethick Marie Wife M 30   Tamerton, C
    Pethick William J Son   5 Scholar Whitstone, C
    Pethick Laura J Dau   3   Whitstone, C
    Pethick Francis R Son   2m   Whitstone, C
40   Pethick Susan Head W 40 Seamstress Launcells, C
    Pethick Edith Rose Dau   12 Scholar Whitstone, C
41 Lower Wadfast Stanbury William Head M 49 Farmer Clawton, D
    Stanbury Mary Wife M 50   Clawton, D
    Stanbury John Son S 24 Farmer Whitstone, C
    Stanbury Martin Son S 23 Cattle Dealer Whitstone, C
    Stanbury Mary E Dau S 21   Whitstone, C
    Stanbury Archibald Son S 16 Farmers Son Whitstone, C
    Stanbury Henry Son S 14 Farmers Son Whitstone, C
    Stanbury Ernest   Son   13 Scholar Whitstone, C
    Stanbury Emily J Dau   8 Scholar Whitstone, C
42 Higher Wadfast Steer Eliza Head W 60 Farmer Whitstone, C
    Steer John T Son S 34 Farmers Son Whitstone, C
    Steer Emily A Dau S 32   Whitstone, C
    Steer William A Son S 31 Farmers Son Whitstone, C
    Heard Alfred   Servant S 19 Farm Servant Week St Mary, C
    Elliott Mary J Servant   43 General Domestic Servant Whitstone, C
  Whitstone Bd School              
43 Oak Cottage Cowling James   Head M 42 Farm Labourer Whitstone, C
    Cowling Julina Wife M 43   Launcells, C
    Cowling Ernest Son   7 Scholar Whitstone, C
    Cowling Laura   Dau   5   Whitstone, C
    Cowling James Son   4   Whitstone, C
44 Oak Inn Veal John Head M 78 Licenced Victualler Whitstone, C
    Veal Elizabeth R Wife M 62   Illogan, C
    Veal William Brother W 76 Carpenter Whitstone, C
    Veal Henry Son S 34 Merchant (Flour) Whitstone, C
  St Anne's Church              

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